Performance/Costume Information

Costume Needs for Student(s)

Costume needs for your student are announced at the Parent Meeting.
Below are some resources to get dance shoes and/or leos.

Karizmah Dance Shoes
10875 Plano Rd, Dallas, TX 75238
(214) 221-4201

Sandy’s Dance Wear Too
3115 W Parker Rd #190
Plano, TX
(214) 473-6600

Sandys Dance Xpress
2211 Gus Thomasson Rd
Dallas, TX
(214) 321-1764

Performance Week

  • EVERY child needs to come to the Plaza every single day with basketball material-type shorts (no jean shorts), and a tank top or short sleeve shirt unless instructed otherwise. We will put their costume over their tank top and shorts.
  • Animal Crackers and water will be provided backstage. Don’t bring any food unless your child has food allergies.  Please talk to the director if that is the case.
  • Students are not allowed to go out into the audience during the intermission for any reason unless this is planned for them to watch the show.
  • Family & friends are not allowed backstage during the show or during intermission unless you are a parent helper or unless there is a special need. It is already very crowded backstage.

Tickets & Seating for Student’s Family/Friends

  • Parents and Family Members must have tickets to the shows they want to attend.
  • Remember, you can sell tickets for the face value of $8-$10 each. With the ticket packet, you pay $5 per ticket.
  • There are lots of daycare kids/public & private schoolers that attend the weekday matinee performances.
  • We reserve seats for parents and siblings up front during these weekday matinees if you request a matinee seat.
  • To reserve matinee seats you must turn in an evening ticket and let us know which matinee you are attending. We will put your name on the list. There is assigned seating.
  • We encourage parents, family and friends to attend the evening or weekend performance so those audiences will be full for the kids.
  • After your paperwork from the parent checklist and the costume needs for your child are turned in, we will reserve seats for your student’s household on rows 5-9.