Makeup Instructions

We will apply your child’s make-up for $10 per show per child, if you do not have time.
This is for regular stage makeup.  If you need old-age makeup or specialty makeup, please talk with the Director.
First, clean your face. 
Apply a moisturizer – This helps the makeup to apply smoothly.
Apply Foundation color dark beige – This may be darker than their skin color.  They need a dark foundation because when they get on stage, the lights wash them out. (Dark Beige and Bronze skin-toned students do not need to wear foundation.)
Apply 2 Eye Colors – White, Dark Brown. Wear the White on the lid, from lashline to crease. Wear the dark brown from crease to eyebrow. (Dark Beige and Bronze skin-toned students do not have to wear the dark brown eye shadow.)
Apply Black Eyeliner – Around entire eye, outside of lashes. If you are having trouble applying it, have your child open their mouth a little as this relaxes their eyes and makes it easier to apply eye make-up.
Apply Black Mascara – Apply to top and bottom
Apply Blush – Girls wear Dark Pink, Boys wear Dark Pinkish Brown
Apply Lip Liner – Draw a V on the top lip and then draw to the outside corners.  Draw a small line on the center of the bottom center, then draw to the outside corners. Lips should be fully lined now. Fill in coloring with your lip liner. Dusty Pink. This color is only a couple dollars at Sally Beauty Supply.
Parents – As we try on costumes, we have the children put on a disposable shower cap to cover their head. We use one cap per child. If you have a girl, please have her hair in a ponytail, braid or pulled back in some other way so that we can easily put it in the shower cap.
Please, do not drastically change your child’s hair, without first checking with the Director, to see if this will affect their character.