How do I sign up my student for a class? 

Click on Registration and choose the class(es) that your student wants to enroll in. Add to your cart the following items:  Registration Fee, Tuition Fee, Script and CD fee(for theater classes only). Click on Enrollment Forms and print up. Bring these with you on the first day of class.

Payments can be made by Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express.  Your payment holds your student’s spot in the class.  If your student is signing up for a theater class, they will audition within the class.

Where are rehearsals and performances? 

Rehearsals are at 303 Main Street Garland, TX 75040. Performances are at The Plaza Theater, 521 West State Street, Garland, TX, 75040.

What safety precautions do you have for the studio?

There is a code on the front door to enter the studio.  There is video surveillance in every room.  There are 2 adults per class or 1 adult and 1 Teen Assistant. 

Can my student work behind the scenes & be on Tech Crew?

If your student signs up for our Tech Crew Class, they will have an opportunity to learn stage makeup, lighting, curtains, set crew, prop crew, sound, and/or stage management!

What if my student misses class?  Can my child attend a class on a different day to make it up?

Yes!  Email us that your student will be absent.  Your student may attend any other class that is age appropriate.

What is your policy about guardians staying during class time? 

Guardians can stay during their student’s class time or guardians can drop their child off and leave.  We have a very small waiting area.

What are auditions like? 

We do cold reading format. Students will read parts from the script and sing, if they are auditioning for a musical.  Students do not have to prepare in advance. If your child does not read yet or has trouble reading, we will give them a line to say and how to say it and they will repeat it back.

How do you cast the shows?

Every student receives a part.  Breitling Performing Arts takes casting seriously and we want to make the best decisions for the students so they can succeed! Sometimes students get smaller parts and sometimes larger parts. It is all a matter of timing, training, part availability, and the student’s willingness to work during class time. Every part is important and no matter what size part your student receives, your student will be learning and working for the entire class unless there is a short break.

Can my student try out a class?

If your student is wanting to try out a class, fill out the Free Trial Class Form and email or call 972-658-3915 to get your student’s name on the list.  If you have any questions, feel free to email us through the contact page. Trying out a class does not guarantee your student a spot in that class. Class size is limited to the number of parts there are for the show and spots could fill up.

What if my student does not want to continue?

If your student decides to drop the class, please notify us in writing or by email.  There have been students that have felt like quitting, but their guardian had them stick it out and after the performance, they LOVED it! One student in particular comes to mind. He had a pirate part in Peter Pan. Each week when it was time to go to rehearsal, he would ask, “Do we have to go?” He would tell his mom he didn’t want to do it anymore. She told him that he made a commitment and he needed to stick it out. After we performed at the Plaza, he fell in love with acting! He had a little bit bigger part in the summer. That fall, he was the perfect fit for the lead role of George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life”, and he did an incredible job! Amazing! I urge guardians to have their student stick out the commitment they make to the class.  If your student decides to drop the class, please notify us in writing or by email.

Is tuition discounted if my student misses class due to being sick or being out of town?

When your student misses class there is no discount for tuition.  Your student can make-up their missed class by attending one of the other classes.  They can attend any class that is age appropriate.  A student that is in the “Wizard of Oz” class can make-up by going to another “Wizard of Oz” class or go to a Film Class or another production class.