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Family Pricing Cost Per Month
Example: For $55/month, you can have 2 children attend 1 class/week or 1 child attend 2 classes/week.

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Dance Class Pricing
One Class/week $35/mo.
Two Class/week $55/mo.
Three Class/week $70/mo.
Four Class/week $85/mo.
Five Class/week $100/mo.
Six Class/week $115/mo.
Seven Class/week $130/mo.
Eight Class/week $140/mo.
Unlimited Classes $150/mo.

Class Schedule


445-530    Combination – Brook Baker
530-615    Hip Hop 1 & 2 – Brook Baker
615-7         Modern Ballet  (Contemporary) -Brittanie Scontrino
7-745         Tap -Brittanie Scontrino

745-830     Jazz 1 & 2  – Brittanie Scontrino

445-530     Combination – Brook Baker
530-615      Jazz 1 & 2 – Brook Baker
615-7           Ballet 1 -Brittanie Scontrino


Please put name inside shoes and dance bag!

COMBINATION CLASS – This class introduces the 3 to 6 year old to the performing arts and includes tap, ballet, tumbling, and balance beam. 3-year-olds will perform one dance at recital and 4 and 5-year-olds will perform two dances. (Dress: Leotard, tights, pink leather ballet shoes, black tap shoes & dance bag
for shoes.
BALLET  – Ballet is the foundation of all dance. It is a disciplined study that develops and improves posture, strength, balance, and grace. It is recommended that all students take ballet. Twice a week classes are required for prepointe and pointe classes. (Dress: Solid color leotard, pink tights, pink leather ballet shoes, hair in a bun. Ballet skirt is optional.)
POINTE – An advanced level of ballet. Students must be 10 years of age with strong ankle strength, correct posture & turnout, and a solid technique background. Teacher approval is required. (Dress: Solid color leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair in a bun. Ballet skirt is optional.)
CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL – For 3rd grade and up as seen on “So You Think You Can Dance”. This class combines jazz movement with the gracefulness and strength of ballet. It is a slower form of jazz that requires the dancer to express emotions through movement. Previous dance experience in either ballet or jazz is highly recommended. (Dress: Leotard, footless tights, Jazz shoes or Dance Paws. Dance shorts & leggings over tights are optional)
HIP HOP – An energetic form of dance encompassing isolation, body rolls, popping, street moves, and some acro. The class will teach agility, coordination, strength, and endurance. For technique, we recommend jazz to precede or accompany this class. (Dress: anything movable and comfortable. Sneakers or jazz shoes for footwear.)
JAZZ – You can see jazz dance in commercials, videos and on stage. Technical leaps and turns are part of this class. (Dress: Leotard, tights, and jazz shoes. Dance shorts, leggings or dance pants are acceptable over tights. Shoe color for recital will be determined at a later date.)
LEAPS, TURNS, CORE- – For 2nd grade through adult, this class builds arms strength, leg strength & abdominal strength. Core strength is especially important for intermediate & advanced level dancers. Class focuses on the technique of center floor work and across the floor combinations. This class helps to improve and break down dance movements used in every form of dance. This class is great for drill team preparation. (Dress: Leotard, tights, and jazz shoes. Dance shorts, leggings or dance pants are acceptable over tights.)
TAP  – Tap develops coordination, agility, and musicality in any age student. Beginner through advanced classes are available. (Dress: Leotard, tights, black Oxford tap shoes. Leggings and dance pants are acceptable.)
MUSICAL THEATER – This class includes Broadway style dance, improvisation and acting technique. (Dress: leotard, dance pants, or leggings. Ballet, jazz, Foot Undies or Dance Paws for class use. Additional shoes may be needed for recital & will be determined at a later date.)