2018 Theater Auditions & Classes

2018 Spring Auditions & Classes

The Jungle Book

ages 3-10 $63/mo
ages 10-19 $78/mo



Alice in Wonderland

ages 4-11 $63/mo.
ages 10-19 $78/mo



Into the Woods JR, ages 8-19, $78/mo.

Into the Woods, up to ages 23, audition for class, $78/mo.



Sign-up for the Spring Semester and then your student will be assigned an audition time.  Your student does not need to bring anything prepared to the audition.  We will do cold readings from the script.  We will also have them sing a song they know if they are auditioning for a singing part.  There are non-singing roles in each show, as well.

Early Auditions will be at The Plaza Theatre, 521 W. State St., Garland, TX 75040 on Monday, February 5th, and Tuesday, February 6th 5-9pm.

Auditions and Call-backs are throughout the month of February & March until all parts are filled.  After February 6th, call us for more audition times. 

New students can sign up for a class by paying the $35 Registration Fee, $35 script/cd fee, and $35 February Tuition (prorated).  Your student is guaranteed a spot in the class and will receive a speaking part in the show and will be given an audition time.

OR New Students can do a free trial class on February 10th from 10am-10:45am.  Free trial classes are ongoing.  If it is past February 10th, just call or email us to find out when the next free trial class is.

Current Students don’t pay the $35 registration fee if you sign-up by Feb. 4th.  Just pay script/CD fee of $35 and $35 February Tuition (prorated).

  • After fees are paid, sign up for an audition time at the front desk or email or call us.
  • Sign-up early to get the audition time that best fits your schedule as time slots will fill up. 
  • Early Auditions will be in 30-minute increments from 5-9pm on Feb. 5th & 6th.
  • Let us know which shows or show your student is interested in.
  • Let us know your student’s complete availability- Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 4:30-9pm.
  • Class times will be created from all students’ availability. We will place them in a class that will be a good fit for them.  
February Tuition $35 (prorated)
March-June Tuition
45 minute classes are $63/mo.
75 minute classes are $78/mo.

Fee Information Summary:Alice in wonderland | Into the woods | Into the woods Jr.| Jungle Book | Audiitoning for any show

Enrollment $35
Script/CD $35
Feb Tutuion(prorated) $35

Call us at 972-658-3915 or email us for more information.